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Broadway Dreams is an on-going project initiated by Keiko Uenishi (o.blaat)

Short summary: Map for a project 'Broadway_Dreams' initiated by o.blaat (Keiko Uenishi.) It is to study Broadway, Brooklyn. A spine of north Brooklyn. Currently, I'm focusing on 99c shops and Chinese takeout restaurants, plus their surrounding area and people. I created a series of extremely short video clips as if longer photos with sounds to capture numerous blinks of moments. The future development is to expand the focus, and invite anyone to collaborate to enrich the data, media, and usefulness.


Map (Originally made on Google My Map titled "Broadway Dreams" which I modified its side panel with

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my yahoo pipesMashing attempt: Google My Map + YouTube + Flickr + Yahoo Video (currently Y! Video hasn't been geocoded, so they won't appear) into

Yahoo Pipes mashing Google MyMap + YouTube + Flickr + Yahoo Video


Compiled video trips (my version): (5 trips uploaded at A few of which are with audio files w/o video, where blank gray background or text of the associated address appears, however, won't move during the section.)

1st trip

2nd trip

3rd trip

4th trip

5th trip


Playlists: (of individual video clips uploaded at - all are extremely short - average less than 1 second with some exceptions. The playlists below were assembled with geocode/address information, however, anyone can form any combination - including other YouTube video - as you like.)

840 Broadway

99c Consumers, 1799 Broadway

99c DEAL & Up, 283 Broadway

99c OR MORE, Lapon Trading Corp, 1245 Broadway

99c Palace, 937 Broadway

99c Savings, 819 Broadway

99c Shop (name?), 288 Broadway

99c Wonder outside view, 180 Union Ave x Broadway

BOMBA 99c, 290 Broadway

Broadway 99 Cents Plus, 918 Broadway

Brooklyn Two 99c Plus, 1705 Broadway

China City, 1336 Broadway

China City, 914 Broadway

DOLLAR Traffic, 1177 Broadway

Family Dollar, 1155 Broadway

FAT ALBERT, 774 Broadway

Fortune Place, Inc., 286 Broadway

GEM, 773 Broadway

GO CRAZY LOCO 99c, 281 Broadway

Good Friend, 246 Broadway

J4 TEES Discount Plaza 99c Plus, 1065 Broadway

Jin Shing Restaurant, 1794-1 Broadway

King's Palace, 1157 Broadway

Lucky Chen, 1266 Broadway

Mei Wei Kitchen, 1126 Broadway

NEW FUN SING restaurant, 689 Broadway

REF 99c Plus Inc., 1470 Broadway

SAVE DOMINO seen from Broadway, Brooklyn (at Berry)

Shang Hai, 824 Broadway

Sweet Spring Garden Kitchen, 1567 Broadway

TK General Merchandise, 250 Broadway

Value 99c Savings, 380 broadway

West end of Broadway, Brooklyn

Williamsburg Bridge seen from Broadway, Brooklyn

Broadway Dreams


Chinese takeout menus: (of all the Chinese takeout restaurants on Broadway, Brooklyn, NY, uploaded at

Broadway Dreams (photoset at Flickr - where I uploaded photo images of Chinese takeout restaurants' menus, except one mini video clip which managed its way to the new Flickr video function. Almost all others failed due to the fact that they were 'too short' at less-than-a-second.)


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